The Fund believes that ambitious early stage product businesses need more than just cash to succeed.  That’s why Twenty20 Mentoring provides expert coaching, mentoring and hands-on design and commercial support to all of the Fund’s businesses that have been invested in.


  • Market entry; Gaining initial traction in the marketplace is one of the biggest challenges early stage product businesses face.  Twenty20 Mentoring helps them avoid the pitfalls that new brands often fall into when launching products and assist with realistic marketing support plans and help to open the relevant channels to each target market.
  • Sales strategy and execution; A hands-on approach to crafting sales strategies and enabling those sales plans to ensure that businesses remain focused on achieving profitable sales throughout their early years.  Each sales channel requires specific approaches and has unique requirements.  Start ups often only get one chance to pitch to a buying team, so it is essential to understand the margin they require, the marketing support they expect and the minimum viable range that will ensure a win:win relationship moving forward.
  • Design; Design is at the heart of every great product brand, by taking design seriously and making design a part of a business’ DNA drives benefits not only in terms of greater brand equity and higher company valuations, but also in terms of greater staff engagement, higher performing teams, and a stronger bottom line.
  • IP protection; Twenty20 Mentoring work closely with our teams to ensure that they are making commercially sensible decisions when it comes to protecting their IP.  The probability of a successful exit for each the business is closely linked to the strength of the IP behind the product and how defensible it is.
  • Manufacturing and product development; All new businesses will need to address the challenges associated with scaling manufacturing at some point.  This applies not only in terms of scaling production capacity to meet growing demand, but also in terms of continuing to feed new product innovation into the business and how to do this successfully.
  • Brand development; Nurturing and growing the inherent value of a product business’ brand is vital to achieving a strong valuation at the point of exit.  Twenty20 Mentoring has a huge amount of expertise in how to successfully build and defend a product brand in competitive markets.
  • Finance and stock control; As the businesses grow, so do their financing needs as does the level of financial reporting required to successfully manage their growth.  Robust stock control and sales forecasting are vital for a growing product business, and making sure the cash flows remain positive throughout the growth phase is equally important.