The British Design Fund supports enterprise and innovation in the UK by investing in, and supporting, early stage, well designed, product businesses.


Currently there are few funding mechanisms specifically dedicated to early stage product businesses.  The British Design Fund believes that these early stage product businesses need not just capital but also mentoring and expertise along the way to ensure they grow into successful companies.

The British Design Fund seeks to work with extraordinary entrepreneurs, with innovative and scalable products, who are ready to accelerate growth and build long term value and thriving stand-out businesses.

Along with the cash investment, which is made in exchange for an equity stake in the business, the British Design Fund can also provide support and mentoring across key areas such as sales, marketing, international distribution, IP, legal, licensing and contracts, financial planning, stock control, design management and manufacturing.  To learn more about how Twenty20 Mentoring support the companies we work with, click here.

The team at Twenty20 Mentoring has strong design, manufacturing, and retail experience which it brings to every business it works with which helps to ensure that those crucial early years are spent developing markets and expanding product offerings, as opposed to dealing with pitfalls and challenges that the team at Twenty20 Mentoring have faced and overcome many times over.

The British Design Fund’s wider network provides access to sector specific mentors as well as manufacturers, intermediaries and buyers across the world which help accelerate the launch of a product into market along with supporting the manufacturing and financing needs to allow scalable and profitable growth for the future.